Peer Support Was My Lifeline

By Donna Mossholder

ThurstonWhen my son was born prematurely, nothing could have prepared me for how my life and the life of my family would change.  That deer-in-the-headlights feeling when they wheeled me into the NICU for the first time, seeing my poor 1 pound son hooked up to what seemed like a million wires and machines, doctors and nurses fluttering about like moths to a light, medical terms flooding what little brain capacity I had left, not knowing if my son was going to live or die: it was an all encompassing surreal nightmare I wished I could wake up from.  What I needed more than anything was someone to lean on, someone to be there for me emotionally, to walk me through the nightmare: But not just anyone.  Not the nurses, not the doctors, not the therapists not the social workers, not one of them, no matter how many years of experience working in the NICU, could understand the gravity and emotional whirlwind we were going through.  

Mossholder familyThat is why I will always be forever indebted to Hand to Hold.  Hand to hold understood what I needed because every single person that comprises this amazing organization has gone through it before in some way, shape or form.  They held my hand through the worst of times, gave me comfort when I didn’t have any, sheltered me from wave after wave of bad news.  The peer support, the many hospital visitations, phone calls, emails and events throughout my son’s year long hospital stay and eventually his passing helped to sustain me, gave me some relief at times I needed it most, and gave me hope when I thought there was none. They continue to be an integral part of my life and have helped me realize that through helping others, healing begins to take place.  I cannot recommend this organization enough to those in need.  They have helped me and my family so much and we will forever be grateful they were there to hold our hands when we needed it most.

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