Letter from the Chairs

from Melissa & Brandon Cason

Hello and thank you for attending the Fourth Annual Baby Shower Luncheon benefiting Hand to Hold. Brandon and I are thrilled to be the first “couple” to co-chair this amazing event. We have worked all year with such fabulous volunteers who all have the same mission in mind: help raise money for Hand to Hold, so more NICU and bereaved families can receive the support they need.

courtesy of the Cason family

We did not realize just how much support we would need when our identical twin boys arrived ten weeks early. We had a very difficult pregnancy and had been told that one twin would likely not survive. His placenta was failing, and he was receiving no nutrients. I went into labor, was put to sleep and when I woke up, I had no idea if my babies were alive. I had delivered a 1 lb, 12 oz baby and a 3 lb, 5 oz baby.

The next three months in the NICU would prove to be challenging, of course, and so emotional. But I was also overcome with joy that both of my babies were alive. We went through many scares, blood transfusions, and surgeries. I can’t tell you how many 3:00 am calls we got from the NICU notifying us of a terrifying ordeal that had just occurred with our boys.

Parents desperately need a place to go for immediate help, support, and advice. This is what Hand to Hold provides. Community is everything in times of need, and Hand to Hold relies on community support to offer these services. This is why our theme this year is all about community. Thank you for making a difference in Austin and for supporting a cause that not only means the world to Brandon and me, but means a lot to this community.



Melissa & Brandon