Sue Hall MD

"As a neonatologist for more than 20 years, I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact NICU parent education and support programs can make in families' lives. I am proud to support Hand to Hold because I want all families to have access to their comprehensive educational tools and peer-to-peer support. Navigating the NICU journey is never easy, and the challenges do not end at hospital discharge. Hand to Hold can help families whose precious babies need a NICU's special care realize the best possible outcomes for their child and indeed their whole family."

Dr. Sue L. Hall

Pediatrix Medical Group of Kansas, P.A.

Don Wilkerson

“With the largest NICU in Central Texas, we at St. David’s Medical Center are proud of our partnership with Hand to Hold.  In fact, we consider Hand to Hold to be an important part of our NICU team.  The support that Hand to Hold provides the families of our smallest and most vulnerable patients is immeasurable and greatly appreciated.”

Donald H. Wilkerson, FACHE, CEO

St. David’s Medical Center

Yvette McDonald

"Hand to Hold is a very important part of NICU care for our babies and families at St. David’s Women’s Center of Texas.  The support their team has provided our families during their stay as well post discharge is essential to maintaining a sense of normalcy in the roller coaster ride that is the environment of caring for a NICU baby.  Their website is incredibly informative and provides a much needed resource for our parents while they are in the NICU.  Also, the monthly get-togethers are a welcome distraction away from the very intense environment of the NICU.  As a whole I can unequivocally say that the Hand to Hold team is necessary for the well-being and support of our families of NICU babies."

Yvette McDonald, MS(N), RNC-NIC, Director of Women's Services

St. David's Women's Center of Texas

Rajam Ramamurthy, MD

“I have been practicing Neonatology since 1972 and direct the Premature Infant Development Program since 1999. We have implemented many programs both in the NICU and the clinic to have parental involvement. I have often thought of the profound effect the birth of a preemie has on the parents. I have seen depression and divorce, child abuse and ongoing health issues. The idea of Hand to Hold blew me away. It is so thoughtful, necessary and urgent to have this  available to all families…”

Rajam Ramamurthy, MD, Medical Director, Premature Infant Development PREMIEre program

University of Texas Health Science Center - San Antonio

Aimee Sprik

"The resources and information provided by Hand to Hold's NICU Resource Library will strike a chord with every family that finds themselves in the NICU.  The information contained within this library provides essential details to assist parents in feeling like they have a better handle on their situation - it's hopeful, positive, informative, and will help them realize they are not alone in this struggle.  Too often, families will turn to the Internet and find marginally useful and mostly anecdotal information about highly individual scenarios... in turn, skewing their perceptions and misleading their expectations.  The materials found within the NICU Resource Library are written by professionals and families who understand the journey of a NICU parent, in terms that are easy to understand.   During our NICU stay, I wish I had access to information like this!"

Aimee Sprik, Cofounder

Life After NICU

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