Amazing Alexis

AlexisAge: 2 years
Weight at Birth: 1lb 6ozs
Weeks Gestation: 27 weeks
Time in the NICU: 124 days

My Preemie Power Story:

Our Superhero is named Alexis Hope. In true superhero fashion, she has never backed down from a challenge or given in when odds were stacked against her. At 20 weeks into our pregnancy, we were informed that Alexis was not getting enough oxygen and nutrients. Doctors cautioned that her chances of survival were slim. The issue was further complicated by Alexis’ twin brother, who was healthy and thriving. Our decision to deliver the twins at 27 weeks was heartbreaking, as we were uncertain Alexis could survive in her fragile state and were devastated by the potential danger we were be putting her brother in.

Luckily for us, we were the parents of a full-blown superhero. Born at only 1lb 6ozs, Alexis had a long struggle through her first years. Our stay in the NICU was an excruciating 124 days long. While her twin brother seemed to thrive from the start, Alexis’ battle was hard; spending months on a ventilator, facing numerous infection scares, enduring transfusion after transfusion, and having countless feeding issues. Even once welcomed home, she remained hooked up to monitors, oxygen support, and a feeding pump. Her first year was spent visiting specialists and receiving round the clock care. Every gram gained was celebrated and every one lost was grieved. But throughout all of her battles she remained resilient and the source of our strength. Her smiles lighten a room and her boisterous laugh could melt even the toughest exteriors. While typically children learn from their parents, it was clear that we were the ones learning valuable lessons from her. In time, Alexis got stronger and by her second birthday started walking! Today, she is unstoppable. She is still extremely tiny but not to be underestimated. In fact, her size is one of her most valuable secret weapons!

As is the case for every notable Superhero, Alexis has proven to be a tenacious fighter; never to be underestimated. The experts cautioned not have too much hope. Immediately upon getting her prognosis we responded with selecting her middle name: Hope. And she has not disappointed, as we watched her beat the odds time and time and time again. For 2 years, Alexis has taken her own path at her own speed and laughed in the face of predictions. While the journey was long and the ride scary, she is absolutely our hero.

Super hero characteristics:

Tenacious Fighter: Even now you can see Alexis is not your average 2 year old. A micro preemie given those odds simply cannot be. She can be strong-willed, tenacious, stubborn, and fiery but beyond all of the adjectives; she is amazing and inspiring.

Unpredictable: Just when you think our superhero is down and out…KA POW…she rallies to win the fight.

Super Speed: Now that Alexis has started taking her first steps, she is making up for lost time and getting into EVERYTHING and getting there at super human speed. There is no holding her back now!

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