Hero of Hope

Kali LinnAge: 5
Weight at Birth: 2 lbs 10 oz
Weeks Gestation: 28
Time spent in the NICU: 3 months

Preemie Power Story:

Hero of Hope, otherwise known as Kali Linn, came into the world bringing hope just as soon as she took that long awaited first breath.
Her premature birth took our little family of three by extreme surprise. Her dad, a US Marine, was at training hours away, while her brother, age 2 at the time, and I were sitting down for lunch when something went terribly wrong. Placental abruption, PROM, and cord prolapse all happened one afternoon while I was just 28 weeks along. Two days of labor all came to a call of code blue and me giving up on the fact that she would be born alive. Kali came into the world as I was going unconscious, and hope came as I heard that one little cry.

Her NICU stay had many ups and downs like many NICU journeys of preemies her gestation and she came home three months later.
These past five years has brought many diagnosis including the far too familiar cerebral palsy which causes pain in her legs and a gross motor delay. She’s had therapy of many kinds since just a few months old and that has given her to many tools and has shaped the thriving five year old she is today. She has had several surgeries and is followed by a handful of specialists. With each milestone we see her hope and with each bad day we feel her hope.

Prematurity is her story and one that we have chosen to make her aware of. She knows her story, she has seen her pictures, and has met the nurses who gave so much of themselves to her. This year for her fifth birthday, we chose to spread her hope a little further. Her compassion for others, especially babies, just shines as we have asked for gifts not for her this year but for the families and babies currently in her NICU. Kali herself will be giving hope and showing families what five years later looks like. Kali Linn is Hope to prematurity, to others, to her family, and to her friends. She’s compassionate and resilient. Her strength through this journey makes me, her mom, proud.

Prematurity is never a condition any mother envisions when they take on motherhood. Kali Linn however, represents the Hope that shines in the many faces of prematurity.

Super Hero Characteristics: Powerful, Resilient, Powerful

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