Mr. Incredible

ChaseAge: 4 years
Weight at Birth: 2lbs 3 ozs
Weeks Gestation: 26
Time spent in the NICU: 92 days

My Preemie Power Story:

Chase was born at 26 weeks, weighing 2lbs 3ozs. At exactly 1 week old we were told he had a massive brain bleed on both sides of his brain. At only 3 weeks of age and less then 3lbs he had his first of many surgeries to have a shunt placed to drain the fluid that was building up. A month later he was diagnosed with a UTI and Meningitis and the shunt was removed immediately. At that moment my life fell apart. I had watched my son work so hard to breath on his own, go from an incubator to an open crib, and to be able to eat from a bottle versus through a tube. He had worked 6 long weeks to get where he was and in a matter of seconds all the work had disappeared and he was being kept alive by a ventilator. That was probably the longest week of my life.

I remember walking into his pod and seeing all the wires and monitors and feeling like we were starting at the beginning again. He proved to me and our entire family that week what a fighter he truly was. Once all the meds kicked in he was able to begin the fight for his life. He fought hard for 7 days and in the end he won. He would not let life beat him. It seemed like one day he still wasn’t improving and then the next he was back to him self and doing everything he was doing just a week before.

He was discharged from the hospital after 92 days but unfortunately was readmitted 3 days later for a shunt revision and then two weeks after that for another one. He has had 8 surgeries thus far including shunt revisions, incisional hernia repair and eye surgeries. At 12 months of age Chase was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He is followed by 7 doctors and has 4 therapists. He also has severe reflux, asthma, and is considered a failure to thrive but through it all Chase had remained strong willed and continues to love life. Even though he is constantly at doctors appointments and therapy appointments he will never let life beat him. He lives life instead of letting life live for him. He has proven that no matter what life hands you to keep going and you can do anything.

Due to his brain bleed Chase should be wheelchair bound, not able to get solid foods, and never have the opportunity to be independent and he has proven everyone wrong!!! Even though he doesn’t walk yet every doctor has told us he will walk independently, he feeds himself and eats any and everything he wants and he hasn’t stopped talking in over a year. Chase is a true miracle and will continue to beat every obstacle that is placed in his path. 

Super Hero Characteristics:

The 3 qualities I would use to describe Chase are: Strong-willed because no matter what anyone says Chase is going to do what he wants to do and when he wants to do it. Fiesty-Every new nurse that he had in the NICU used this word for Chase and the continued once he came home and started going to doctors appointment. If he didn’t like something you were doing he made sure everyone knew about it. One of the definitions of feisty is full of courage and I would say through his 4 years of life Chase has shown nothing but courage considering everything he has been through and continues to go through. Strong- Most adults would not have been able to through what he has endured and still be so positive and energetic. I think most adults would have given up by now but he keeps going.


  1. Billie Jo McFadden says:

    This is so heartwarming. My youngest son was also born at 26 weeks. He weighed 2 pounds and 2 ounces. He had a grade 3 bilateral brain bleed that was seen at 4 days old. He also had a PDA and an ASD. He later had hernia repair and pyloric stenosis repair. Liam had hus shunt placed at 6 weeks of age. In total we spent exactly 18 weeks in the NICU.
    He is now 4 years old and non-stop. Besides the scars, no one can tell what a battle he fought for his life. My little warrior is the strongest and bravest person that I know. <3
    Congratulations and many well-wishes for your son and your whole family:)

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