MasonWeight at Birth: 2.5 lbs
Weeks Gestation: 26 weeks 3 days
Time spent in the NICU: 9 weeks

My Preemie Power Story:

I worked in a NICU prior to giving birth never thinking I would actually be in one with my own child. I was very emotional while I worked there, but I believe God planned it to prepare me for what was to come with our son. Due to the experience I was able to remain strong, unmoved or shaken through the 9wk process. Regardless of what the medical staff said our faith was ALWAYS in God. I believed Mason was perfect from birth. Mason brought such joy to the NICU staff. You would almost think he was the only child in there because of the amount of care and attention he received from nurses and doctors who weren’t even assigned to him. We later found out that the “spiritual” meaning of Mason’s name was “Overcomer.” How fitting considering what he endured. Today, one year later Mason is a healthy, happy, smiling and silly baby. He lights up a room every where he goes. It amazes my husband and I how much unsolicited attention he receives, from all ages, cultures, and races. If I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing. His story brings strength and encouragement to many people. Oh how he’s a blessing. He’s the son we dreamed and prayed for. After being put on complete hospital bed rest at 25wks thinking I’d be there until his original due of Dec 14th was depressing in the beginning. I could not put my feet on the ground or stand. EVERYTHING was done in the bed. Mason still managed to break my water which lead to an emergency c-section. I knew then that it was supposed to be that way. Mason was just ready to enter this world. Lord knows he jumped and kicked while being breech starting at 18wks which caused me to dilate early. Mason has shown my husband and I real strength, joy, peace that surpasses all understanding and happiness. His birth and will to fight bonded an entire family. There wasn’t a day or evening we weren’t at the NICU bonding with Mason. The hospital was 30 miles one way. Distance and time could NOT deter us from making that drive daily for 9wks! There was an overwhelming pull to be there with Mason that I just can’t explain. He’s a tough little boy and definitely “Our Little Hero”!  It’s amazing how time flies by however; we will never forget this experience. Mason helped us realize we can conquer ANYTHING! Especially through Christ that strengthens us… I only wanted two children, but after the birth of our son, we decided, we wanted to have one more. Wow, Mason changed mommy’s mind and my mind was definitely made up about not having anymore children. It’s amazing what an extraordinary life will make you reconsider… Love Mommy & Daddy

Super Hero Characteristics:

Fighter, Joy, Light, Loving, Tough, Anointed

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