Resolute Rowan

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Rowan S. ~ Super Hero Alias: Resolute Rowan

Rowan SAge: 8 weeks
Weight at Birth: 2 lbs 9 oz
Weeks Gestation: 28 weeks
Time in the NICU: 48 days

Diagnosis, complications, surgeries?

No surgeries or complications while in the NICU, however Rowan has an ASD and will need open heart surgery to correct it within the year.

Why should your child be recognized as “Preemie of the Year”?

After a long year of trying to conceive, my husband and I decided to try IVF.  After the egg retrieval, I was diagnosed with OHSS and could not move forward with the transfer.  After another month of waiting, we re-started the injections and I had the transfer.  Sixteen days later we found out I was pregnant and after another month we found out it was twins!  At 16 weeks, the ultrasound showed two beautiful baby boys.

On September 3, 2010 I experienced unexplained preterm labor and the boys were delivered immediately via emergency c-section.  They both came out screaming and started the good fight from the first second.

I believe that all preemies are true miracles and are born to fight.  I believe that Rowan should be recognized as Preemie of the Year because he is an extraordinary example.  I feel that we should share our experiences with our preemies… the good, the bad, the tears shed, the questioning of faith, the indescribable joy, etc.  There is a connection between preemie parents – I have come across the most selfless, caring people (many complete strangers) along this journey with my boys, and I would love to continue to pay it forward.  Rowan has not only brought so much joy to my life, but has also reminded me of the amazing good in people.

Using three or more typical characteristics of a Super Hero, please describe your child.

All Super Heroes have super powers – these are the positive qualities that he was born with that make him larger than life.  It is not a Super Hero’s weapons that make him powerful, it are these innate qualities he is given.

Rowan is strong. From the minute he was born, even though he was 2-1/2 months early, he came out screaming and breathing on his own.

Rowan is determined.  When they told him it wasn’t natural to learn how to suck until 35 or 36 weeks, he was devouring his bottles at 34 weeks.  When they said not to expect him to come home until a minimum of 38 weeks, he was home at 35 weeks.

And like most Super Heroes, Rowan has a weakness.  Rowan was born with an ASD, a hole in his heart.  He will need open heart surgery to correct this within the first year of his life.  However, we know that because Rowan is strong and determined, that he will overcome this too.

What advice do you have for future NICU parents?

Always stay positive – just believe with all your heart that your child is going to defy every odd and focus on the day that you will walk out of the NICU with your little fighter.

Describe how Hand to Hold’s services are meaningful to you and future families.

I wish there was something like this is the DFW area. Just the website alone offered a lot of information for me as a new NICU parent. A great resource for me to go to.

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