Warrior Princess Ericka

Ericka L. ~ Super Hero Alias: Warrior Princess Ericka

Ericka LAge: 7 years old
Weight at Birth: 1 pound 4 ounces
Weeks Gestation: 27 weeks
Time in the NICU: 107 days

Diagnosis, complications, surgeries?
Failure to thrive, delayed, short gut, malabsorption, POV

Why should your child be recognized as “Preemie of the Year”?

My daughter was born early kicking and streaming. Followed by 10 surgeries from tracheostomy to g-tube. She has overcome having RSV twice and being in a coma for 3 months. To being in a respiratory code for four and half hours and living. She fought for four years to live and came up being the strong princess. She has fought to survive and made it through thick and thin. She is all preemie power on high. She was a caterpillar that came out and is now flying high as a butterfly in full color. 

Using three or more typical characteristics of a Super Hero, please describe your child.
Strong, powerful, intelligent beyond her years, loves everyone with no hatred. She smiles from the moment she awakes until she falls asleep.

What advice do you have for future NICU parents?
Don’t give up. You have to be strong for the battle, but it is all worth it.

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