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Why You Should Bring Hand to Hold Services to Your NICU:

Hand to Hold provides timely, reliable, and credible support.

Parents are a baby’s primary care givers. If they are given the support, resources, and information they need they will be able to capitalize on the quality care their child has received in the NICU and ensure the best possible outcomes for their baby… and their family.

Hand to Hold resources empower parents and the professionals they work with.

Parents are often unprepared for a NICU stay. In the face of enormous stressors, they have to quickly adapt to this new, medically-complex environment. If they are given the tools they need they can become informed advocates for their baby and productive members of the care team.

Members of Hand to Hold’s Community Partner Network have access to exclusive materials.

Hand to Hold’s NICU Resource Library provides NICUs access to tools to assist in the education and support of parents during their stay and in preparation for discharge. Materials are available in English and Spanish and can be customized and co-branded for your hospital.

Hand to Hold is a community.

Parents need to know they are not alone. Hand to Hold connects parents with peers to help them with the challenges they now face, and helps them prepare to meet the challenges they may not expect. Hand to Hold provides timely, ongoing support no matter where a family is in their journey.

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What You Can Expect from Hand to Hold:

  • Timely information and support for the families you care for.

  • A reliable partner who understands current best-practices and the principles of delivering family-centered care.

  • Resources that address the needs of diverse populations and are delivered in a way that makes them both relevant and accessible.


If you know a family who needs support please share information about Hand to Hold with them.

  • Parents can request to be matched with a Helping Hand Parent Mentor at anytime – before, during, or after their NICU Stay.

  • Hand to Hold serves all families regardless of where their baby was born.

  • All of our parent services are offered free of charge to families.

  • Hand to Hold offers Bereavement Support for families who have had a loss.

CALL 1-855-H2H-NICU, 1-855-424-6428.

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What Professionals Say:

“I have been practicing Neonatology since 1972 and direct the Premature Infant Development Program since 1999. We have implemented many programs both in the NICU and the clinic to have parental involvement. I have often thought of the profound effect the birth of a preemie has on the parents. I have seen depression and divorce, child abuse and ongoing health issues. The idea of Hand to Hold blew me away. It is so thoughtful, necessary and urgent to have this  available to all families…”
Rajam Ramamurthy, MD

Medical Director, Premature infant development PREMIEre program
Rita and William Head Distinguished Professor of Environmental & Developmental Pediatrics
UT Health Science Center-San Antonio


What the Research Says:

Effectiveness of a parent “buddy” program for mothers of very preterm infants in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Preyde M, Ardal F. Effectiveness of a parent “buddy” program for mothers of very preterm infants in a neonatal intensive care unit. Canadian Medical Association Journal. 2003; 168:969–973.


What the Parents Say:

“I believe in what Hand to Hold does! At a time where you feel isolated from your friends and family Hand to Hold offers more than support… Hand to Hold offers understanding, validation, strength and a multitude of resources that are waiting to help you through your situation in the NICU. As a parent with a child in the NICU the comfort of knowing that someone else understands what you’re going through is priceless. I believe that if the community helps take care of families who are dealing with a preemie and all that entails, then those families are better able to take care of their babies… and that helps the entire community.” – Katrina