Neotech EmployeesNeotech is a leading manufacturer of neonatal, pediatric and respiratory products. Founded in 1986 by a physician and two biomedical engineers, Neotech began with the distribution of one product – a meconium aspirator. They quickly expanded their offerings and now have an extensive catalog of products not only for use in hospitals, but also for use at home. All of their products are latex, phthalate/DEHP and BPA free. They are also the first company to use NeoBondTM Hydrocolloid as the adhesive on all of their neonatal products, which is much gentler on a baby’s skin.

Neotech’s most popular product is called the “Little Sucker,” an oral-nasal suctioning device used for gentle suctioning. Marty Barnes, mother to Casey who was born at 37 weeks due to a uterine rupture that resulted in several physical and medical complications, says, “We would be LOST without the Little Sucker.  It is so much softer than any other suction tool available.”

Casey's First Grade Photo

Photo credit: Barnes Family

And she would know – among the many challenges they face with Casey’s conditions, Casey is missing many of her natural reflexes and she is unable to suck, swallow, gag or blink. Without the ability to swallow, Casey’s air way is at constant risk. Suction equipment is needed to remove secretions, and anything else in her mouth/throat, in order for her to breath.  “The Little Sucker is significantly softer than any other product therefore we are not harming our daughter’s airway by using it frequently. We have tried other products that cause bleeding and sores. Bleeding creates additional complications with aspirations. The Neotech products have enabled us to care for our daughter with fewer hospital visits.” Read more about Casey’s story.

It is stories like Casey’s that motivates Neotech to continue to strive for complete customer satisfaction. Neotech does not make products to make money; they make products that are truly going to make a difference in the lives of the families who use them. Judy McCrary, Home Healthcare Specialist at Neotech and director of the new Home Health Division, states, “We want to help the parents, let them know they have a voice and that there isn’t anything we won’t do to help improve how they care for their children. Neotech solely makes products to care for premature babies in the NICU and, now, at home as well.”

Neotech - 25 Years Making a Difference LogoIn 2011, Neotech launched their Home Health Division, which allows parents to obtain the products they need to care for their children once they are released from the NICU. Because of the Home Health Division, these products can now be covered by insurance. Ms. McCrary encourages parents to go to the Neotech websites and request free samples of their products and a catalog. “Our products are created and designed directly from the feedback we get from the nurses, parents and respiratory therapists who use them, so we take great pride in the quality and usability of our products. So much so that we encourage you to request free samples until you find the right products for you and your child.”

Neotech’s products are made in the USA, are offered in all 50 states and in about 50 foreign countries. To learn more about Neotech, or to request samples of their products, please visit or or follow them on Facebook.

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Busy Breathers LLC

Michelle Staley & her son, photo courtesy Busy Breathers LLC

Michelle Staley & her son, photo courtesy Busy Breathers LLC

The Busy Breather Oxygen Carrying Backpack provides a convenient and smart way for parents with children who are on oxygen to carry all of their supplies in one easy, organized system.  The Busy Breather Backpack takes the frustration out of packing multiple bags for bottles, wallets, keys, diapers, and life-depending oxygen by consolidating everything into one bag.  And because it is a backpack, it allows you to be hands-free for your baby.

Michelle Staley, founder and CEO of Busy Breathers, states, “With necessity being the mother of invention, I used my own experience to come up with the solution that millions of oxygen-users are looking for every year: a convenient and attractive solution to carrying the very thing upon which they depend on to stay alive: oxygen.”

Michelle founded Busy Breathers in 2006 following the premature birth of her son.  After spending four months in the NICU, her son was released from the hospital but would require oxygen 24 hours a day the following two years.  Being a busy mother on-the-go, Michelle used her degree in fashion design to create a more sensible and organized way to get around with all the supplies and equipment she needed to carry for herself and her son.

Busy Breather Video on Vimeo.

Busy Breathers LogoMichelle Staley and her Baby Breathers products have received local and national recognition.  Michelle was awarded a grant from Huggies® Brand diapers through the new Huggies® Mom Inspired™ Grant Program and was recognized by Contemporary Pediatrics Magazine as Best New Tech Product.  Michelle has been featured on several radio and television stations as well as websites such as Healthy Living at Home, and

The Busy Breathers Backpack is offered at over 70 Walgreens in Denver, Colorado and available to everyone online at and  Visit the official website at and connect with them on Facebook to learn more and to search the many products now offered, in different styles, to accommodate the different needs of oxygen users, from infants to adults.