Kim & Wynne: Finding Simple Joys in Preemie Parenthood

Kim, who had her son at 25 weeks gestation, was matched with Wynne, also a preemie mother of a son born at 25 weeks. They both explain what it has meant to them to participate in Hand to Hold’s Helping Hand program, which matches peers with one another for support. Such meaningful exchanges have allowed them to honor their unique stories and parenting journey. Together, they’ve inspired one another to find comfort, understanding and meaning in small moments even when there may be challenges yet to face.

Kim J

Kim JohnsonBeing a preemie mom is really hard some days. I was struggling with different hurdles – both my son’s as well as my own. It’s hard to relate to “termie” moms because their babies rarely face the challenges my little guy has faced, and their path is rarely as traumatic as a preemie mom’s can be. When I reached out and was given a match from Hand To Hold, it made such a big difference! Having someone available who is/was willing and able to support me in my new journey as a preemie mom has been invaluable! The main benefit for me has been having someone who’s not only a mom, but a preemie mom herself and can relate on a “preemie level.” That makes sharing and talking a whole lot easier. My match, Wynne, not only has a child with very similar needs to my own son, and but has also been through the struggles I’ve had (and am still working through) myself. She’s been there to talk to about my fears and concerns – and she really gets them! She’s helped make my path easier and I know I can text or email her at ANY time! There are no conditions and no judgement. She’s there to help me navigate this new world of being a preemie mom in a way that only another mom can help with. She’s helped me to gain perspective and has given me hope that this journey – although full of bumps and turns – does get better.

Wynne M

We all have a story that needs to be told. Our stories are unique to each one of us and to tell it makes the story more real, tangible, something to be understood celebrated or grieved. As a helping hand volunteer, I hope to welcome people to tell their story whatever it may be. I have enjoyed being matched with Kim through Hand to Hold. Kim has tremendous strength and tenacity to see the positive and bright side in her situation with her young son, Xanny. She comes to helping her son with joy, love and humor. These qualities might I add are great strengths for a new mom! For instance, Kim shares with wonder how great it is that Xanny is now wearing glasses so he can see shapes, colors and enjoys books more than ever before!! By sharing the ups and downs of her experience, she has shown me inspiration that one’s outlook determines their destiny. Though the diagnosis of her son is currently in question, Kim continues to be amazed at his gradual progress. Kim has taught me to see joy, special moments, and to relish in the small things. Kim: Thank you for sharing your story and allowing me to share mine so we could inspire each other.