Welcome to Hand to Hold’s 5th Annual Baby Shower Luncheon! This organization’s mission fills an important void for NICU and bereaved families and is so dear to my heart.

My husband, Patrick, and I spent four long months in the NICU and were blessed to bring our precious daughter home and watch her continue to grow up as a happy and healthy young girl. Living through multiple surgeries and survival events showed the strength and will that our daughter had, but also demonstrated the need for an organization like Hand to Hold.

The primary goal of the NICU environment is to care for our medically-fragile babies; however, the importance of supporting the family and preparing them for the post-NICU journey is often overlooked. Being in the NICU feels like sprinting from one decision to the next, yet it does not always equip parents for the marathon that is to come. Hand to Hold focuses on providing peer support for families in all stages of the journey: supporting parents and siblings in the NICU, providing comfort and support after the unimaginable loss of a baby, and guiding families as they prepare to bring their baby home and navigate the long road ahead.

With a passion to share the trials and joys of my family’s experience, I am honored to chair this incredible event and I invite you to support this wonderful cause!

With love,
Heather Nichols