Our Sustaining Circle of Love recognizes dedicated annual donors who are passionate about advancing Hand to Hold’s mission. 

In 2018, funding will support vital program development such as:

  • Provide training to our peer mentors to recognize signs of mood-disorders
  • Provide bereavement support to families who experience loss
  • Manage and produce both the NICU Now podcast and the NICU Heroes podcast for families and NICU professionals
  • Create free resources for NICU graduate parents to continue to support them after the NICU

The emotional, physical, financial and psychological impact of caring for a medically fragile child can be life-altering. Research shows that a traumatic birth experience and/or loss leaves new parents at risk for developing serious mental health diagnoses such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. These mood disorders impact the parents’ ability to bond with their baby, increasing the risk that the baby will not receive appropriate follow-up care. These issues can also result in divorce and child abuse. It is vital that parents receive support and education to help reduce the impact of a NICU stay on families and ensure better outcomes for babies.

As our special thanks to you, our Sustaining Circle of Love members receive:

  • Recognition on website, annual report, and Baby Shower Luncheon program
  • Monthly Sustaining Circle of Love newsletter
  • Exclusive invitation to an annual member event
  • Annual tour of the NICU

Hear how Hand to Hold is making a meaningful difference in the lives of NICU and bereaved parents.

“Community is everything in times of need, and Hand to Hold relies on community support to offer [their] services.”
– Melissa Cason, NICU Parent, and Sustaining Circle Member since 2016

Thank you to our Sustaining Circle of Love Members!

Allie & Dave Alter
Jade Ausley
Paula Boon
Todd & Tori Boulion
Dr. David Breed
Amy Burton
Melissa & Brandon Cason
Tanya & Curtis Clay
Emily & Josh Galatzan
Megan & Michael Helmbrecht
Growing Places Therapy
Kelli & Mike Kelley
Ryan & Andi Kelly
Andra Liemandt
Karen Loehman
Lana Macrum-Craig
Becky Pemberton
Anita Perez Najar
Tara Potts
Kim Schocket
Deion & Jim Wilson
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