Sustaining Circle of Love

Our Sustaining Circle of Love recognizes dedicated annual donors who are passionate about advancing Hand to Hold’s mission. 

In 2018, funding will support vital program development such as:

  • Provide training to our peer mentors to recognize signs of mood-disorders
  • Provide bereavement support to families who experience loss
  • Manage and produce both the NICU Now podcast and the NICU Heroes podcast for families and NICU professionals
  • Create free resources for NICU graduate parents to continue to support them after the NICU

The emotional, physical, financial and psychological impact of caring for a medically fragile child can be life-altering. Research shows that a traumatic birth experience and/or loss leaves new parents at risk for developing serious mental health diagnoses such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. These mood disorders impact the parents’ ability to bond with their baby, increasing the risk that the baby will not receive appropriate follow-up care. These issues can also result in divorce and child abuse. It is vital that parents receive support and education to help reduce the impact of a NICU stay on families and ensure better outcomes for babies.

As our special thanks to you, our Sustaining Circle of Love members receive:

  • Recognition on website, annual report, and Baby Shower Luncheon program
  • Monthly Sustaining Circle of Love newsletter
  • Exclusive invitation to an annual member event
  • Annual tour of the NICU

Hear how Hand to Hold is making a meaningful difference in the lives of NICU and bereaved parents.

“Community is everything in times of need, and Hand to Hold relies on community support to offer [their] services.”
– Melissa Cason, NICU Parent, and Sustaining Circle Member since 2016

Thank you to our Sustaining Circle of Love Members!

Allie & Dave Alter
Jade Ausley
Paula Boon
Todd & Tori Boulion
Dr. David Breed
Amy Burton
Melissa & Brandon Cason
Tanya & Curtis Clay
Emily & Josh Galatzan
Megan & Michael Helmbrecht
Growing Places Therapy
Kelli & Mike Kelley
Ryan & Andi Kelly
Andra Liemandt
Karen Loehman
Lana Macrum-Craig
Becky Pemberton
Anita Perez Najar
Tara Potts
Kim Schocket
Deion & Jim Wilson
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