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January 2013
Featured Organization – Quiet Light Foundation
by Amy Forsythe


After a perfectly normal pregnancy and no complications, my twins were born at 26 weeks weighing 1lb 14oz and 2lbs. At 5 days old due to complications, my son Parker was transferred to a different hospital with a higher level NICU. They spent the remainder of their NICU stay at two different hospitals.

Both had weeks on a ventilator, problems with feedings, staph infections, pneumonia, ROP, NEC scares and a list of other hurdles. My daughter, Payton, came home on their original due date after 96 days. Parker came home after 136 days.

Coming home from the NICU in the middle of winter, some people couldn’t understand why I didn’t want crowds at my house. Some people couldn’t relate to the NICU, to twins, or a combination. I desperately wanted someone to talk to who had been there. I wanted someone who could give me some hope and direction. As we moved on from the NICU, there were more and more questions and all I wanted was someone to talk to about it all.

Some of the parents I met online became my source of information. They provided hugs, prayers, support and answered every question I had without judgment. I knew I couldn’t be the only one having this same experience. The further removed I was from the NICU and life calmed down just a little, I wanted to be able to do that for someone else. Helping me find answers to questions I had and support helped me take the best care of my twins.

Quiet Light Foundation was born with the help of my friend, Kristin, who was with me through the whole journey while we were in the hospital and as we’re still finding our way today. The type of care I received from her is what we’re now passing on through Quiet Light to other parents.


The goal with Quiet Light Foundation is to provide any type of support that parents might need. Whether they are in the NICU or are now at home, we can help. For networking with other families, parent care packages, lactation counseling, support groups or referrals to resources that can help, we’re available for all parents. No parent should have to take this journey alone. Parents should all have support so that they can take care of their babies, take care of themselves, and make the best decisions for their family.

Quiet Light Foundation is a 501 (c)-3 non-profit. We currently serve the greater Omaha, NE area which includes 7 hospitals with NICUs.


There are so many ways to give back through Quiet Light Foundation and be involved.

  1. Like us on Facebook and share with others to stay on top of what we’re doing and keep up with opportunities.
  2. Donations are always accepted for our care packages. Monetary donations can be done through our website or mailed in. We can arrange for pick-up of any in-kind donations. If you have any questions about items being accepted please contact us – info@quietlight.org – or through our website.
  3. If you would like some information for yourself or someone you know, please contact us for ways we can help.

Thank you, Amy for sharing your story with us and your passion to support NICU families during their time of need! Especially if you’re local to the Omaha, NE area, please look into how you can be a part of Quiet Light Foundation.

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