The Butterfly Project

purple butterfly project, hand to hold

Butterflies are often seen as representations of life, of hope, and of change. For parents who have lost a baby that was part of a multiples pregnancy, butterflies now have a different meaning. 

This simple purple butterfly serves as a token of remembrance for families who have lost a baby in a multiple birth pregnancy.

When placed on the crib or isolette of a surviving sibling, it also serves as an important reminder to staff and other parents that this family’s story includes a sibling who is no longer with us. 

The Butterfly Project is an initiative originally started in the U.K. by a group of medical professionals who strive to improve patient care by acknowledging the loss of a one or more babies in a multiple birth pregnancy. Hand to Hold is honored to take part in this program and help your NICU staff continue to provide meaningful family-friendly support. Butterfly Project decals and cards are priced at cost.

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