Learning to Breathe: The Story of Twin Micropreemies Who Defied the Odds

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Heather Evans had been pregnant for 24 weeks and 1 day when she delivered twin micropreemies, a boy and a girl, each weighing a little over one pound. Unable to breathe, they were immediately intubated and whisked away to the NICU, where they would remain for 122 days. Over the next four months, Hannah and Gavin Evans fought for life, facing obstacles such as severely immature lungs, heart surgery, and brain hemorrhages. Each day in the NICU brought new battles to fight. Yet amidst the fear and heartbreak, Hannah and Gavin showed unwavering strength and perseverance, inspiring others to love without reservation, to have faith, and to always choose hope no matter the circumstances. Though they were born four months too soon with their eyes fused shut, they opened Heather’s eyes to the presence of everyday miracles and to the power of a mother’s love for her children. Learning to Breathe is a memoir that describes the real life moments throughout the journey of saving twin micropreemies. Told from a mother’s perspective, it provides an honest and emotional account of what it is like to watch two babies transform from dangerously sick and unable to breathe to two babies who are ready to go home.

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