Episode 105: Make Your Home Work for You

June 19, 2024

Guest: Kate Strickler, Founder of Naptime Kitchen & The Home Reset

Sometimes, tending your home can feel overwhelming. Creator of the Naptime Kitchen and mom of four, Kate Strickler, shares tips and strategies for making it manageable (as well as a free resource for NICU moms!) Whether you’re trying to tackle the medicine cabinet or kid clothes or shifting your mindset, Kate’s ideas are something you can implement today.

In this episode, we chat about:

    • Myths people have allowed themselves to believe about managing and running a busy household
    • What sets the Home Reset apart from all the other “systems” out there like Marie Kondo or decluttering courses
    • Strickler’s best encouragement to a mom who feels overwhelmed by life and a house that feels chaotic
    • Strickler’s best advice for making your house work for you, rather than you working for your house

Resources mentioned

Home Reset course*

Take Them a Meal Manual

*If you’re a current NICU mom, email Kate at homereset@naptimekitchen.com with the name of your NICU and the age of your baby to receive a free link to her Home Reset course.

About the guest

Kate Strickler is a mom of four based in Charleston, South Carolina. She’s known for her blog and Instagram, Naptime Kitchen, where she shares cooking tips and life management advice. She’s also the creator of the very popular, Home Reset audio course. From home to the kitchen to parenting, Kate loves practicality and systems, with a hefty dose of perspective and grace.




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