Hand to Hold believes that NICU parents are often just as fragile as their babies.

Nurses are in a unique position to acknowledge and address many of the challenges families face during a NICU stay and beyond.

Giving NICU professionals the tools and techniques to help them support families who are in crisis can help foster positive and trusting relationships between staff and the families in their care. The NICU Heroes podcast was created exclusively for NICU professionals, so they can better understand, support, and nurture the entire NICU family.

Using your smart phone, computer or tablet, tune in as you fly to work every day or when you’re doing every day human tasks, like washing the dishes or mowing the lawn. Each episode is worth one contact hour of nursing continuing education.

Listen to episodes 1 through 9 below.

Episode 1: A Life of Purpose
Episode 2: Psychosocial Support for NICU Families
Episode 3: Nothing About Us Without Us
Episode 4: Helping Parents Bond with Their Babies in the NICU
Episode 5: Overcoming Communication Barriers of Family-Centered Care
Episode 6: Modeling Motherhood in the NICU
Episode 7: Supporting Dads in the NICU
Episode 8: Avoiding Nurse Burnout in the NICU
Episode 9: Developmental Diapering

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The NICU Heroes Podcast is made possible by an educational grant from Huggies, and is produced by Hand to Hold, which is solely responsible for its content.



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The NICU Heroes podcast was made possible through numerous individual donations and is produced by Hand to Hold, which is solely responsible for its content. Production assistance by Whitney Milam.

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