Episode 32: PTSD in the NICU: The Trauma is Real

June 17, 2024

Guest: Dr. Tiffany Gladdis, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

In this episode:

  • Explain what trauma-informed care is.
  • List three signs or symptoms of anxiety/PTSD that might warrant a consultation with a mental health professional.
  • Share how NICU professionals can identify triggers in their patient’s family members and how they can acknowledge them.

About Dr. Tiffany Gladdis

Tiffany Gladdis, hand to hold nicu heroes podcast, PTSDDr. Tiffany Gladdis is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Neonatology and the Medical Director of the Office of Equity and Diversity at Children’s Mercy Hospital, as well as an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Dr. Gladdis provides therapy and support to families in the Fetal Health Center, NICU, and NICU follow-up clinic and her clinical interests include attachment and bonding, trauma, infant and perinatal mental health, and BIPOC populations. Dr. Gladdis also serves on the board of Hand to Hold.

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Instagram: @hope.love.heal

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