NICU Milestone Beads

When your baby is born early or with special healthcare concerns, milestones have a very different meaning.

Hand to Hold’s NICU Milestone Beads celebrate each special step in a family’s NICU journey.

For NICU parents, the beads are more than just a piece of jewelry. They are a symbol of their baby’s story.

Each necklace includes a NICU Milestone Bead Chart in which the family can record dates and make special notes as their baby reaches each milestone.

Hand to Hold also offers a special Love and Loss bead kit, a keepsake for families to memorialize their baby after enduring a devastating loss in the NICU.

“The “little” milestones to some people were so big to us, and this was such a wonderful way to recognize and celebrate every milestone we had been through. I will always cherish her necklace, and she will one day, too.”
Kaleigh K.

“My Milestone Beads are some of my most prized possessions. They are a reflection of all the positive experiences we faced in the NICU.”

Cece C.

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