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NICU Basics Hand to Hold

NICU Basics

New to the NICU? Start here.

NICU Glossary Hand to Hold

NICU Glossary

Definitions from A-Z

Members of the NICU team hand to hold

Members of the NICU Team

Find out who is who and what they do.

NICU levels, neonatal levels, hand to hold

Understanding Neonatal Care & NICU Levels

Bonding with your baby in the NICU, hand to hold

Bonding with Your Baby in the NICU

balance between nicu and home hand to hold

Finding a Balance Between NICU and Home

New to the NICU? Start Here!

Having a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit can be overwhelming and frightening. You’re navigating new terms, new medical professionals, new sounds, and you’re unsure what will happen next. Here we’ll cover some of the most basic things you as a new parent need to know about the NICU. READ MORE.

NICU Glossary


Adjusted age (or corrected age) – The age that a premature baby would be if he or she had been born on his or her due date.

Anemia – A condition in which you lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your body’s tissues. READ MORE.

Members of the NICU Team

Your NICU team is made up of doctors, nurses, and other professionals that will care for your baby and help you cope with your baby’s NICU stay. READ MORE.

Understanding Neonatal Care and NICU Levels

When you have a NICU baby, learning all about the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and what NICU levels mean can help you feel more aware and in charge of your baby’s care. READ MORE.

Bonding with Your Baby in the NICU

It’s possible that you did not get to touch, let alone hold, your baby in the delivery room, and now you worry that you’ve lost that chance to bond with your baby. We want to assure you that’s not true. There are many ways to bond with your baby in the NICU! READ MORE.

Finding a Balance Between NICU and Home

Finding a balance between NICU and home is hard. Nothing outside the NICU seems to matter as much as the battle that is going on inside. But there are things outside the NICU that still need your attention. READ MORE.

NICU Babies parent support podcast, hand to hold

NICU Babies Parent Support is a podcast for all NICU parents. Listen while on bedrest, in the NICU, commuting to and from the hospital for visits with your baby, and in your post-NICU life, when many still need support. 

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