It’s important for parents to prioritize their own mental health. Together we can raise awareness, remove stigmas and encourage parents to care for themselves so they can heal, thrive and grow during and after a NICU stay or the loss of an infant.

Share your reason for caring for yourself with #MyMentalHealthMatters.

Articles and Resources

healthy parent checklist hand to hold

Healthy Parent Checklist

Sometimes we need reminders to do the things that are good for us. Download the Healthy Parent Checklist and post somewhere visible as a daily reminder to take care of yourself. Download now.

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how to support your partner during a NICU stay, hand to hold

How to Support Your Partner During a NICU Stay

A NICU stay places added pressure on relationships. Here’s how you can support your partner and strengthen the foundation of your relationship so the strength endures during your stay and after you come home. Download now.

Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders: What They Are and How You Can Get Help

Perinatal and postpartum mood disorders are disorders and symptoms that can occur during the pregnancy and postpartum period that interfere with daily life and functioning. Here’s how you can determine if you are struggling with something as mild as the baby blues, or if it’s time to seek help from your doctor. Read more.


Caring for Your Mental Health in the NICU

In order to continue taking care of your baby, you must take care of yourself. Read more.

Mental Health in the NICU: Barriers to Treatment & the Effect on the Whole Family

When it comes to mental health in the NICU, it’s important to know who is at risk, how it impacts the whole family and what barriers families experience when it comes to treatment. Read more.

Why I’m Open About My Mental Health Challenges After the NICU

Hand to Hold founder and CEO Kelli Kelley shares how investing in her mental health has helped her heal in the years since her son’s NICU stay. Read more.

NICU Parent Perspective: When Depression Rears Its Ugly Head

NICU parent Jessica Tyler shares her experience with depression and how she learned to prioritize her mental health after the birth of her children. Read more.

NICU Parent Perspective: I Didn’t Always Show Up for My Mental Health

After the birth of her daughter at 32 weeks, NICU parent Jennifer DeSimone experienced a range of mental health challenges. Read about how she supports her mental health. Read more.

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