Episode 71: Mental Health: Does My Child Need a Psychiatrist? (Part 2 of 4)

Larry Mitnaul Hand to Hold NICU babies Parent Support podcast

Guest: Dr. Larry Mitnaul, Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist

Our NICU babies grow up and sometimes find themselves struggling to manage stress, anxiety, depression or navigating a disorder. Dr. Mitnaul, a child psychiatrist, shares how a child or adolescent may benefit from some extra assistance navigating those challenges.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How did you get from a biology degree to a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist?
  • What is a child psychiatrist?
  • How is that different from a child psychologist?
  • Often, parents of NICU babies don’t uncover other challenges in their children until they enter a school environment, or go through puberty. What are some things they should look for that might need to be addressed by a child or adolescent psychiatrist?
  • How can parents find a psychiatrist and what questions should they ask to ensure it’s a good fit for their child?
  • Sometimes there’s a stigma when a child is seeing a psychiatrist. What myths do you want to bust on that?
  • What types of encouragement and information can people find on your TikTok account or other social media, as well as your PBS Show, Cause for Hope?
  • What’s your best advice to a parent seeking psychiatry for their child?

Dr. Mitnaul has quickly become a trusted voice in both the parenting and mental health space. When he’s not at the clinic, he’s engaging with his community on socials or on his PBS Show,  “Cause for Hope” by helping families navigate parenting in the digital age. 

Connect with Dr. Mitnaul:

Instagram: @doctormitnaul

TikTok: @doctormitnaul

YouTube: youtube.com/doctormitnaul

Facebook: Doctor Mitnaul

Website: bewellacademy.org

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