preemie holding mom

Photo credit: Nash Family

To provide comprehensive navigation resources and support programs to parents of preemies, babies born with special health care needs, and those who have experienced a loss due to these or other complications.


Hand to Hold’s vision is to enable a network of families to offer support, comfort and understanding to one another, and to provide them with knowledge, information and resources to reduce the impact of a NICU stay and ensure the best outcome for their children and family by:

  • Empowering parents to advocate for their children
  • Facilitating peer support and encouraging individual, couple and family counseling when needed
  • Educating parents about the challenges their babies might face and preparing them to meet those needs
  • Sharing support and resources to help comfort families following a terminal diagnosis or loss of a baby
  • Working with healthcare professionals, hospital systems and specialists to ensure families thrive during and after a NICU stay

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