Request a Peer Mentor

Hand to Hold has supported parents who have a baby in the NICU, or experienced the loss of a NICU baby, for more than a decade and at no cost to families. Our peer mentor coordinator will match you with a peer mentor, a veteran NICU parent who has gone through training and a background check. 97% of parents surveyed would recommend Hand to Hold’s peer mentor program to other families.


  • Your mentor is carefully chosen based on what you feel is most important about your NICU journey (gestational age, diagnosis, etc.)
  • Connections are typically made within 2 business days
  • Connect with your mentor in whatever way is easiest for you – text, email, call, video chat
  • Stay in touch with your mentor for as long as you like
  • Our peer mentor coordinator will oversee your match to make sure everything is going smoothly
  • Hand to Hold services are free to all families

Having a mentor means that I never have to feel alone. I have someone to reach out to on bad days and good who truly gets how painful the setbacks are and how joyous the tiniest of victories. 

Bre M., Germantown, TN

Even the act of reaching out to Hand to Hold has made me feel a little better, calmer. Just knowing I can get the support I need and taking that first step has been huge.”

Lavender M., Austin, TX

With the peer mentor program, we are able to:

  • provide support within 24 hours
  • create a peer-to-peer match within 48 hours
  • match families based on their specific need

Peer support can*:

  • offer comfort family and friends may not be able to provide
  • provide a safe environment to share feelings
  • empower parents to problem-solve and become advocates for their families and themselves
  • help parents feel less alone
  • increase acceptance of difficult situations and offer important resources for coping

*According to the National Perinatal Association

If you have been through a NICU experience or loss, then you have the power to help others. Volunteer as a peer mentor and we’ll train you and match you with a family whose story is similar to your own.