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  • Miles SAre you a NICU director, social worker or nurse educator looking for educational materials to help families in your care?
  • Are you looking for printable resources and tools in English and Spanish?
  • Are you looking for a smart, nonprofit that can provide support to the families you serve in the NICU and beyond, effectively extending your family-centered care mission?

If you answered, yes, to any of these, we invite you to…

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How to Pay for Your NICU Stay - Sample

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Hand to Hold’s NICU Resource Library offers educational materials your hospital can co-brand and print on demand to help educate families who have a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. The NICU Resource Library houses an extensive list of educational materials designed to complement and extend your Family-Centered Care initiatives to provide meaningful support throughout the NICU journey.

  • Engaging

    Every resource is written and designed with a parent’s perspective in mind so the content is timely, relevant, and interesting. There is no corporate branding from sponsors, though opportunities exist for subscribing hospitals to co-brand with Hand to Hold. You can add your hospital logo to the NICU Resource Library materials. Contact us for more details.

  • Accessible

    Each article has been translated into Spanish and written to comply with the Centers for Disease Control’s health literacy standards.

  • Credible

    Each article is researched and written by professional writers who are also parents of babies who have had a NICU stay. Articles are reviewed by members of our editorial panel who are specialists in the fields of neonatal care and parent support, including neonatologists, pediatricians, social workers, dieticians, lactation consultants, clinical psychologists and other specialists from across the country.

Hand to Hold’s NICU Resource Library greatly enhances hospitals’ educational offerings for parents and meets the standards for patient education and engagement of both The Joint Commission and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  In addition, the handouts we offer are in  alignment with principles of both trauma-informed care and family-centered care.

Hand to Hold’s NICU Resource Library has been endorsed by the National Perinatal Association as a, ”reliable, high-quality collection of educational handouts for parents of NICU babies.”

NPA endorsed(cont.) “Our members carefully reviewed all the documents contained in the Resource Library and found them to be clearly written, based on sound principles of best practices in neonatology, and engaging towards parents. In addition, the handouts are in alignment with principles of both Trauma-Informed Care and Family-Centered Care. Your Editorial Board of respected professionals in multiple disciplines as well as NICU parents has achieved a great feat of producing easily understandable informational resources that also serve to support parents through the emotionally challenging NICU experience.”

See the full text here.

  • Progressive

    The library is designed to grow. New resources and articles will be added to the library each quarter, reflecting the latest in neonatal best practices. Priority will always be given to topics that members hospitals request.


How to Order

Complete the online order form – Visit the Hand to Hold website at ( to access the library order form. Complete the form and follow the prompts.

Pay the subscription fee – The annual subscription to the NICU Resource Library is $995. Hospitals may print-on-demand without limit as long as their subscription is active. The subscription fee can be paid online by credit card. If you need assistance with a purchase order, contact Contessa [at] handtohold [dot] org.

Receive instant access – After you set up your user profile and password and submit payment, you’ll receive immediate access to the NICU Resource Library. Your hospital will also receive one bound copy of the library in English and Spanish in addition to samples of other Hand to Hold resource materials you can order for free for your NICU, including Hand Prints, Hand to Hold’s print newsletter available in English and Spanish.

If you have a questions for Hand to Hold’s NICU Outreach Coordinator, Contessa Weinheimeremail her at Contessa [at] handtohold [dot] com or submit your question using this form.

Subscriber Benefits

For an annual subscription of $995, your hospital will receive the following:

  • Unlimited access to Hand to Hold’s NICU Resource Library featuring educational tools for NICU families. The library contains 25 printable, color handouts in English and Spanish on a variety of topics important to NICU families, from antepartum care and bonding with your medically-fragile child to discharge and bereavement. Professionally written and meticulously sourced, each is reviewed by select members of an editorial review board and comply with CDC’s Health Literacy Standards. Additional resources will be made available each quarter.
  • Opportunity to co-brand You can add your hospital logo to the NICU Resource Library materials. Contact us for more details.
  • Promotion of your hospital’s obstetric, neonatal and pediatric specialty via a link on our subscriber page. Share what your hospital does to advance family-centered care.
  • Referral materials to encourage families to contact Hand to Hold for additional support before, during and after their baby’s hospital stay including posters, postcards, newsletters and brochures.
  • Exclusive invitations to share best practices, request additional topics for the NICU Resource Library and contribute to the development of resource materials and blog posts to assist families across the country.

If you have a questions for Hand to Hold’s NICU Outreach Coordinator, Contessa Weinheimeremail her at Contessa [at] handtohold [dot] com or submit your question using this form.