Seeing Another Specialist? Reduce Your Paperwork

by Marty Barnes, Hand to Hold Parent Education Coordinator

Photo credit: Barnes Family

Over the years we have learned that most doctor’s offices, hospitals, therapist offices and specialist care facilities ask the same questions. We have filled out countless forms while sitting in waiting rooms. Some of these forms do not even allow space for a complete answer. Many years ago, we created a document that has all of our daughter Casey’s pertinent information. We print it out and take it with us when we go to a new doctor, the emergency room or anywhere we expect to have more paperwork. The staff LOVES this! It is readable, organized and complete.

We usually put our child’s name on their form then write “See Attached” in the answer section. It has saved us so much time. Not to mention, I don’t have to worry about forgetting a medication.

Download a template in Microsoft Word format

Visit Casey’s site to download a template in Open Office or Word formats

Marty Barnes, Hand to Hold’s parent education coordinator, is the mother to Casey who was born just a few days before 37 weeks and was diagnosed with HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy). Follow her remarkable journey at


  1. […] Make a cheat sheet.  We have a multi-page synopsis of Caleb’s medical history including his full name, date of birth, allergies, medications (with strength, dosage and frequency), prenatal  and birth history, diagnoses (current and resolved), dates of last lab draws, dates of radiology tests by type, surgeries,  hospitalizations, and vaccination status.  We have a one page demographic form with his patient name, date of birth, address, contact information, parent/guardian information, emergency contact information, insured’s demographics (name, date of birth, social security number, work, work address and phone number) and a copy of his insurance card.  Our third cheat sheet is one that lists his specialists and therapists, their address and contact information, along with pharmacy and suppliers.  There often is not enough room on forms for all his information and in an emergency all that information flies out the window.  It is nice to be able to hand it all over in a concise form.  Marty Barnes has links to templates in her article Seeing Another Specialist?  Reduce Your Paperwork. […]

  2. […] to determine if there is a better plan of care that needs to be instituted. (Click here to find out more about keeping a medical history and download a template you can use for sharing this information with your child’s […]

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