Mom with her precious daughter born early

Photo credit: Garrett Family

Hand to Hold’s core service is our peer-to-peer support matching program linking a seasoned NICU parents (Helping Hands) with a new parents going through the NICU journey. The birth of a premature infant or a baby with special health care needs is an extremely challenging and life-altering time, and the challenges often continue well after the baby has been discharged from the hospital.

Families need a community. Hand to Hold was created so that every parent who has had an experience with preterm birth, life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a child born with a special health care need, loss of pregnancy, and/or infant loss will be supported as they navigate the many challenges of caring for themselves and their family.

With the intention of providing a comprehensive network of assistance, information and education, Hand to Hold provides the following programs:

While many of the face-to-face services are available in the Central Texas area, the peer-to-peer support matching program and online resources are available nationwide to allow parents to connect across the country to share their personal experiences. All Hand to Hold parent services are provided without charge. Please contact us to receive support today.