Peer Mentor Program

You’ve been there. Now you can help.

Hand to Hold’s award-winning Peer Mentor Program carefully matches seasoned NICU parents with NICU or bereaved parents in need of support. These relationships inspire hope and offer the chance for parents to ask personal questions and receive support from someone who is uniquely familiar with their experience.

Volunteer peer mentors receive extensive training before being matched, with information regarding effective listening skills, signs of perinatal and postpartum mood disorders and self care.

According to the National Perinatal Association, peer support can:

  • offer comfort family and friends may not be able to provide
  • provide a safe environment to share feelings
  • empower parents to problem-solve and become advocates for their families and themselves
  • help parents feel less alone
  • increase acceptance of difficult situations and offer important resources for coping


“Even though we had a tremendous support network through our neighborhood and church communities, none of that was as valuable, uplifting and life-saving as the peer-to-peer support my husband and I received through Hand to Hold. It’s with a thankful heart that I say the progress our family has made was a direct result of our Hand to Hold mentor.”
— Kathryn W., Austin, TX