NICU Support for Families

Holding Miles

© Beverly Demafiles Photography

The NICU experience is tough!  But believe it or not you can come through this difficult time stronger, smarter, and as an even better parent. Let us arm you with information and hear from others who have had similar experiences and can share some hope and understanding. You are not alone!


Are you interested in bringing our programs to your facility?


Bring Hand to Hold programs such as Cookies, Coffee and Crafts, Sibling Sundaes, and Parent Holiday Events to your local NICU. These programs bring former NICU parents to the NICU to provide meals, explain Hand to Hold’s resources, lend an ear and share the unique fellowship of parents who have experienced similar journeys. Annual events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or NICU Appreciation Day celebrations also provide time to honor the families going through this difficult time. Get more information about our Ambassador Program by emailing support [at] handtohold [dot] org.


See Hand to Hold’s Pinterest Board: Crafts to Make in the NICU if you need ideas for your hospital!