Sibling Resources

The following sibling resources may be helpful to you as you seek ways to support your children after the premature birth of a child, a child with special health or developmental needs, or in the event of a loss.  If you have resource to recommend, please contact our Family Support Navigators at support [at] handtohold [dot] org. Please also check out Hand to Hold’s online resource directory

Like parents, siblings need support, encouragement and information to navigate the challenges associated with a NICU stay.

mqdefaultA  NICU Tour for Siblings FREE VIDEO FOR SIBLINGS – Hand to Hold has produced a NICU Tour specifically for siblings who have a brother or sister in the neonatal intensive care unit. Use this video to extend family-centered care practices in your NICU. Hand to Hold’s tour is led by a NICU graduate who explains what a NICU is, about the care babies receive there, the importance of hand washing and what a big brother or sister can do to show their love for their sibling even if they can’t visit them in the hospital NICU. 

Activity Pages for Siblings – Hand to Hold has produced a series of Sibling Activity Pages in English and Spanish to not only provide siblings with something fun to do while visiting the NICU but to help educate them about their baby brother or sister’s NICU stay. The following is a sample of those pages which are available.

Print these pages in English or Spanish.

Hidden Pictures Activity Page - H2H English          Hidden Pictures Activity Page - H2H Spanish

Sibling Sundaes Diploma  Hand washing Worksheet-2

Web-Based Resources

Association for Children with a Disability – Sib Fact Sheets
Place for teen siblings to find out about the common issues sibs of children with special health care needs have and places to find support.

Sibs Websites
Select “Siblink” (a website for primary age sibs) or “Your Shout” (a website for adolescent sibs). Siblings can share stories and tips on how to maintain a balanced life with a brother or sister who has special health care needs.

SibKids Listserv
Listserv for young and adult brothers and sisters of children with special health care needs. Siblings can connect and share stories through this site.

Sibling Support Project
Find a sibling support program in your local area.