When someone you care about is in the NICU, it’s often difficult to know just how to help them. Here are a few suggestions and resources that NICU families find most helpful.

  • Set up a meal calendar via Care Calendar, SignUp Genius or even a shared Google Doc.
  • Offer childcare for older children so parents can visit the NICU. This may include morning and afternoon carpools, after school care, playdates, and more.
  • Perform household duties: mow their lawn, run errands, walk their dog, or set up grocery delivery.
  • Put together a gift basket of useful items
  • If there’s a holiday or special occasion coming up, decorate, take their other children trick-or-treating, or help run important errands.
  • Avoid asking when the baby is coming home. This may add to their already overwhelming feelings.
  • Check in via text, email, or phone calls. Don’t be offended if they do not reply. Just knowing you care means a lot to them.
  • Tell them about the NICU Now podcast, our free audio support series for NICU parents.
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Get our free materials for your local hospital. These materials introduce NICU parents to our free support programs. The following resources can be shared with your hospital contact: