May 25, 2012

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a third member to our Life after NICU team…

Meet Gena!
Gena is our new Community Liaison and Director of Family Support.  
Basically, she’s going to be working on our local outreach efforts, and coordinating support and events with our local NICU.  She will also be contributing to this blog (her birth story will be posted in a few days) and our Facebook page.
In fact, some of you may have already heard a little about her – her husband is Joel, of Papas of Preemies.

November 2011

In her own words,

May 2010

“I’m a mid-30s mom to Jayden, married to my best friend Joel, and a full-time Office Manager. I work at a Real Estate/Property Management company and really enjoy what I do. Sometimes it is challenging being a full-time mom, full-time wife and full-time employee, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. We knew Jayden was going to be born early due to preeclampsia, but not that early. He was born in May 2010 at 32w6d, and had a 25-day stay in the NICU. We were blessed to not have too many complications in the NICU, but it was still a very trying time for all of us. Since having Jayden home and seeing him develop along the way, we’ve seen how important and necessary it is to have a support group even after the NICU. That’s why we are very passionate about helping others in similar situations because they are not alone.”

Welcome, Gena!!  We’re so excited to have you working with us!  🙂