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Let’s Talk About Human Milk Fortifiers: What Is It and Why Does My Baby Need It?

Let’s Talk About Human Milk Fortifiers: What Is It and Why Does My Baby Need It?

When a baby is in the NICU, there is a good chance that the baby will need extra attention paid to his or her nutrition. So much attention is given to human milk and breastfeeding that by now most people are very well aware that human milk is the ideal feeding for most infants. But it’s not always the very best for babies in the NICU! Parents of babies in the NICU are often surprised to learn that sometimes a mother’s breast milk isn’t enough.

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When Comparison Steals Your Joy

When Comparison Steals Your Joy

When my twin pregnancy ended at 28 weeks with an emergency c-section and my babies were rushed to the NICU, I couldn’t help but compare my expectations and my reality. All of the dreams and plans I had for the birth of my twins were crushed. What I had imagined would never be. And if I’m being honest, in those first few days of NICU life, I had a hard time finding any joy.


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