Episode 36: KC Davis – How to Practice Self-Care (when you feel like you’re drowning)

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, In this episode:

Guest: KC Davis, LPC

  • The majority of self-care content out there seems to rely on having extra time and energy in your life (bubble baths and pedicures anyone?). The reality is those most in need of self-care typically have neither time nor energy to spare.
  • How do we shift the self-care paradigm away from the idea of “treating yourself” and into the reality of learning to survive (and even thrive) in a season where everything seems to be
    falling apart?
  • KC Davis, LPC, is a licensed professional therapist, author, speaker, and the person behind the mental health platform Struggle Care. KC’s compassionate and practical approach to self and home care for those dealing with mental health, physical illness, and hard seasons of life has drawn over a million followers on social media in less than a year. Her book, “How to Keep House While Drowning” has sold over 27,000 copies and is currently an Amazon bestseller.
  • This episode was recorded live at our 2021 NICU Community Conference. Visit handtohold.org/conference to learn more or register for Hand to Hold’s NICU Community Conference, the only conference for NICU Parents and NICU professionals.

Guest: KC Davis

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