How to Listen to Podcasts

On your computer

You can stream all 15 episodes of our podcasts right here on our site! Simply view the episode list on the podcast page, click on the episode you’d like to listen to, and hit the play button on the podcast player that appears underneath the “In this episode” section.

On iOS Devices (iPad, iPhone)

  • Open up the purple Podcasts app and search for NICU Now or NICU Heroes
  • Click on the NICU Now or NICU Heroes icon under “podcasts”
  • Hit “subscribe.”
  • Next time you want to listen, simply open up the Podcasts app, go to My Podcasts at the bottom of your screen, click NICU Now or NICU Heroes, then click Feed. This will bring up all of the episodes for you to choose from.

On Android Devices

  • Download the Stitcher app via Google Play
  • In Stitcher, search for NICU Now and click the plus sign (+), to add it to your Favorites List.
  • Now go to your Favorites List to listen.