Pledge your birthday for good this year. Ask for donations instead of gifts and get exactly what you want: support a life-changing cause.

Facebook Fundraisers make it easy to get started, share with your family/friends and raise money for Hand to Hold.

Don’t want to use Facebook to fundraise? No problem! You can use the Hand to Hold fundraising pages (everdayhero). 

Tips for creating a successful
birthday fundraiser

You’ve got the vision, the connection, the drive… now let us share some of these tips to make it the best birthday yet!

Make a fundraising deadline

Deadlines inspire donors to respond faster. Raising funds around a birthday creates a natural deadline that can compel people to donate, and it also gives you permission to gently remind people to make a donation by that date. 

Share your story

A birthday creates a natural storytelling opportunity. Share your story and why Hand to Hold is important to you or the birthday boy/girl. 

Spread the word

To get the most from your birthday fundraiser, take advantage of all the tools social media offers. If you’re consistent about sharing your fundraiser, you’ll show up in the social feeds for your friends/family to see.

    Make a specific request 

    People are often more likely to donate if you ask for a specific donation amount or goal. Give $5 for your 5th birthday? Easy! This type of very specific request enables people to donate a reasonable amount without having to overthink the process.

    Don’t forget to share offline

    To raise as much as possible, you’ll want to take your sharing strategy beyond Facebook messages and posts. Sending text messages or talk to your friends and co-workers about what you’re doing for Hand to Hold.

    Plan a birthday party that doubles as a fundraising event

    Who doesn’t love a birthday party? And when it’s also for a good cause, there’s more reason to celebrate. A birthday party fundraising event serves a few purposes—they help you raise money for your cause, they bring communities together for a common purpose and they spread awareness of your cause in unique ways. Meeting with your friends and family face-to-face in a casual environment also gives you an opportunity to ask for support in a low-pressure way.

    Questions? We are here to help make fundraising fun and easy! Need ideas? Let us know. 


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