We wrote in an earlier post about capturing perspective photos of your little one’s journey, and today we have another idea for you… create a diagram.

Connor is only 4.5 years old, and as I look at the diagram I created of all the tubes and wires connected to him during those early NICU days, I realize that without it, I would barely recall what they were all needed for.  I am so glad I made this!  


Not only will a diagram or something like it help you remember these small details, it can help educate family and friends as well.  In fact, Connor has begun asking questions about the photos he sees of himself from the NICU, and we’ve spent time already looking over this very diagram and talking about how these tubes and wires helped him to grow bigger and stronger.

Here’s another example of a diagram I found on Pinterest.   >>

Not Photoshop savvy?  No problem.  There are free programs online (like PicMonkey) that can help you add text to images, or simply take a photo and label it by hand.

I encourage you to make something similar from a picture of your little one in the NICU – you will treasure it!

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