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What is RSV & When is RSV Season?

What is RSV & When is RSV Season?

by Tiffany Grisham

Having a new baby is a time for celebration and joy, but for some new parents, worries and fears seem to only be second to diapers and feeding, especially if that new baby was born premature or with special health concerns. For the parents of premature babies, the time spent in the NICU can be stressful and scary, but coming home can be worse. Exposing their fragile newborns to the dangers of the world can be nightmare inducing. Parents can’t protect their babies from everything but having knowledge about common risks can be a powerful tool in caring for your baby.

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To the NICU Heroes

To the NICU Heroes

Photo credit: Heidi Howard Photography. Image courtesy of Jessica Tyler Not all heroes wear capes. Mine happened to come in scrubs and cargo pants. But they swooped in like superheroes do, saving the day just in the nick of time. Ben ended up in the NICU by...


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