A Special Gift Honoring a Legacy of Compassion

September 9, 2022

hand to hold NICU Champion Society

This year Nancy celebrates 47 years of nursing, and 47 years of working directly with babies.

Nancy’s interest in nursing began at a young age. Nancy shares,

“When I saw my Mom in her white uniform, white shoes, white cap and the biggest smile on her face as she went to serve and help others, I knew I wanted to be just like her.”

Nancy’s mother, Helen, was born in 1921 and became a nurse during the World War II era. Throughout her career as a surgical nurse, she volunteered for the American Red Cross, developed programs at her hospital (Open Heart Team, Trauma), and taught hundreds of residents. Even after her retirement, Helen did volunteer work at the James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, developed a Parrish Nursing Program at her church, and she was still visiting and having prayer with people in her assisted living facility up until one month before her death at the age of 100 plus,

“My Mom was my inspiration, cheerleader, teacher, counselor, shoulder to cry on, encourager, prayer partner, and guiding light. She loved serving, helping, and just loving people.”

In honor of her mother, Nancy generously donated to Hand to Hold, and is honored in our NICU Champion Society. Nancy shared,

“I came across Hand to Hold as I was searching desperately for support for NICU parents and I came across this gold mine!

For some parents their journey starts abruptly, for others it is a waiting game, never knowing when the day will come. For ALL of them, no matter how long or short the length of stay is, or how early or small the baby is, it is traumatic and will affect them for the rest of their lives. As a Nurse Practitioner, I can offer support, I can listen, I can teach, and I can provide resources, but I can’t offer them what means the most, and that is support from someone who has been there.”

Thank you so much to Nancy for sharing her mother’s inspiration, and thank you to all of the nurses who care for our most fragile babies – and their parents.


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