Can Donating Blood Save a Life?

January 6, 2016

blood donation hand to hold

January is National Blood Donor Month. Blood saves lives! To find a blood drive near you, visit the American Red Cross.

When thinking about donating blood, one usually assumes, “Oh, my blood is going to help someone,” but nine times out of ten, we have no idea who it is going to.

As a mom to twin preemies, I have never looked at donating blood the same way. As Kendall just lay there, with us not knowing which way things were going, blood became a vital aspect to how her daily activities went.

preemie NICU donating bloog

Kendall went through several blood transfusions, and I think God every day for those people who were willing to spend their time donating blood so that my baby could survive.

I remember sitting with Kendall close to her hospital transition, and I remember saying, “My child looks like death.” She literally looked like she was on her last leg, and there was absolutely nothing I could do for her but sit with her, soothe her, talk to her, pray, etc. You really feel helpless when your child is in the NICU fighting for their life.

When Kendall transferred hospitals, they pretty much told us that her electrolytes were all off balance and that she was going to be given a blood transfusion. I cannot tell you how much that little transfusion changed her. It was like it gave her a new life — her coloring changed, she was more aware of what was going on and she started acting like a normal baby.

preemie NICU donating bloog

It really, truly is amazing what a blood transfusion can do for one little tiny body. Thank you to everyone who donates, has donated, or will donate in the future. If you have never donated blood, take a moment to really think about how many lives you can change. Imagine a tiny baby that weighs 16 ounces and needs a blood transfusion.

Would you like to be the one that saved their life?