Episode 100: Real or Filtered? Sharing Your NICU Story on Social Media

April 17, 2024

Guest: Scott & Kathryn Whitaker, NICU parents

You’re living your hardest days in the NICU, so you turn to social media for support, encouragement, solidarity and community. Can you share too much? When does your story become their story? Veteran NICU parents and active social media users Scott & Kathryn Whitaker share some tips for sharing your NICU baby’s journey on social media, setting healthy boundaries and inviting people into your suffering.

In this episode, we chat about:

    • How both Scott and Kathryn processed their experiences online in different ways when their son was in the NICU
    • “Sharenting” – When parents post pictures and other content about their children on social media platforms.
    • What they learned about sharing their life online when their son was in the NICU vs him now as a teenager?
    • What things people should give some thought to before they post
    • Real versus filtered and giving hope without oversharing
    • When to turn your NICU kid’s story back over to them 

About the guest

kathryn and scott whitaker, hand to hold nicu babies parent support podcastScott and Kathryn Whitaker, both Texas natives, are the parents of six children, college to elementary, and have been married 27 years. Kathryn is the author of Live Big, Love Bigger, an award-winning book. Scott is the director of stewardship and development for the Catholic Diocese of Austin. On social media, they each share their honest take on family life and marriage, all while eating BBQ, cheering on the Texas Aggies and hiking national parks.




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