Episode 103: Sex After the NICU

May 23, 2024

Guest: Anisa Varasteh, Sexologist

Sex after a NICU stay. Is it an oxymoron? Whether you’re fearful or excited, sexologist Anisa Varasteh with Relate Sexology shares what the postpartum body feels like, how to talk to your partner, how to address fear, tips for developing better intimacy and when to reach out for professional help.

In this episode, we chat about:

    • How a postpartum body changes after birth, whether it’s a vaginal or C-section. What’s normal and what’s not?
    • Many NICU moms (or any mom for that matter) sometimes fear getting pregnant again after a traumatic birth experience. How can a couple be present to one another while honoring that fear?
    • Intimacy – physical, emotional, psychological – and how it can affect a partnership.
    • Questions a couple should consider when planning for another birth or spacing babies.
    • Anisa’s your best advice to couples to begin talking about sex – desires, fears, comfort/discomfort and expectations.

About the guest

Varasteh sexologist, nicu babies parent support podcast hand to holdAnisa Varasteh is a clinical sexologist and President of the Society of Australian Sexologist. She provides therapy to individuals and couples, as well as training to organizations and companies.


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