Episode 81: The Importance of Donor Milk

August 23, 2023
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Guest: Veronica Cogwin, Former Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin Board Member, NICU Mom

When formula or breastfeeding isn’t a viable option for your NICU baby, donor milk may be the next best alternative. Former Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin Board Member and NICU mom, Veronica Cogwin, shares about her daughter’s personal experience as a donor milk recipient.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Tell us about Victoria’s birth.
  • What did your breastfeeding journey look like with your micropreemie?
  • When did donor milk become a viable possibility for your daughter?
  • What were some of the risks Victoria faced without donor milk?
  • How long did she receive donor milk?
  • How is your daughter doing now, nearly eight years later? What role did donor milk play in her early development?
  • Explain your role advocating for donor milk.
  • How can a mom donate her milk to a local milk bank?
  • What is the screening process like?
  • What’s your best advice to a parent considering utilizing donor milk for her NICU baby?

About Veronica Cogwin

veronica cogwin hand to holdVeronica Cogwin is the mom of five children, including a micropreemie, Victoria, born at 24 weeks. Veronica is a strong advocate of donor milk after it played a major role in helping her daughter grow and thrive in the NICU. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a former member of the Board of Directors of the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin.

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