Episode 82: Common Breastfeeding Challenges in the NICU

August 30, 2023

Guest: Leah Jordan, M.D., neonatologist

Women often hear that breastfeeding is natural, but many encounter challenges or hurdles. Neonatologist and breastfeeding advocate, Dr. Leah Jordan, shares tips on establishing a good milk supply, finding good lactation support and advice on managing stress when nursing your NICU baby doesn’t go as planned.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • What led you to pursue a career in neonatology?
  • Why are you so passionate about breastfeeding and health equity?
  • What should a new mom know about breastfeeding if she’s expecting a NICU stay?
  • Establishing milk supply, particularly for a NICU mom, can often be highly stressful. Tips and suggestions? What’s safe and what isn’t?
  • How can a mom advocate for getting good lactation support?
  • Once she leaves the NICU with her baby how can she get support if she runs into challenges or subsequent hospital stays?
  • If your baby is NPO (Latin nil per os) “nothing by mouth”, what support can the hospital provide for storing your pumped milk?
  • What’s your best advice to a NICU mom who is stressed about nursing her new baby?

About Dr. Jordan

leah jordan hand to hold breastfeeding Dr. Leah Jordan is a board certified pediatrician from Minnesota who loves supporting NICU moms in reaching their breastfeeding goals. She recently completed her fellowship and joined  Children’s Minnesota as a neonatologist. Her research centers on the use of quality improvement methodology to promote breastfeeding in the NICU and beyond. 

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