Episode 83: Finding the Best Pediatrician for Your NICU Baby

September 6, 2023

Guest: Ari Brown, M.D.

Your child’s pediatrician is likely one of their most important; it’s where all things begin. Author of the “411” series and revered pediatrician, Dr. Ari Brown, gives great insight on traits you should look for in your own pediatrician, vaccine schedules and resources to help you be the best advocate for your NICU baby.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • After receiving your degree in child development, what made you pursue a career in pediatrics?
  • What are things your pediatrician should be looking at and considering if your child is a NICU graduate? What traits should you consider in your pediatrician to best serve your child?
  • When should a parent consult a pediatrician and when should they seek counsel from an additional specialist for their child?
  • What should the relationship look like between a child’s pediatrician and their other specialists?
  • In an age of digital medicine, i.e. Dr. Google, how do you counsel your parents on when to seek medical care and when to treat things at home?
  • Describe the ideal pediatrician-patient relationship.
  • Let’s talk about delayed vaccination schedules for medically fragile children.
  • Tell us about your books: Baby, Expecting and Toddler 411. What can reader’s expect?
  • For a NICU parent who feels hyper-sensitive to every symptom their child presents, what’s your best advice?

About Dr. Brown

Ari Brown, MD is a practicing pediatrician in Austin, Texas, for over 25 years after completing her pediatric residency and fellowship in developmental/behavioral pediatrics at Harvard Medical School/Children’s Hospital Boston. Her passion to advocate for children and educate families extends beyond the office setting. She is the author of the bestselling “411” parent education book series including Baby 411: Clear Answers and Smart Advice for Your Baby’s First Year with the new 20th anniversary/10th edition out this year, Toddler 411, and Expecting 411 available where books are sold and on Amazon. She also hosts online courses on newborn care and sleeping through the night. She has appeared on numerous national news and talk shows including NBC’s Today Show, Dr. Phil, and CNN. She is a trusted voice for children’s health, serving as a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Dr. Brown has received the American Academy of Pediatrics Lifetime Achievement Award for child health advocacy.

Connect with Dr. Brown:

Twitter: @baby411  

Facebook: facebook.com/expecting411 

TikTok: @aribrownmd 

Website: baby411.com


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