Episode 89: Food Allergies and the Holidays

October 18, 2023

Guest: Vanessa Gonzales Kraft,  Owner, Que Bueno Bakery & Food Allergy Mom

Food and the holidays go hand-in-hand, but when there is an allergy or restriction they can often be stressful and full of anxiety. Cottage bakery owner and food allergy mama, Vanessa Kraft, walks you through what an allergy might look like, ways to be a hospitable host and tips for adjusting to an allergy-free kitchen.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Tell me a little bit about your NICU stay with your twins.
  • When did you first notice food allergies in your children?
  • How did you go about introducing new foods to them?
  • When did you seek the advice or intervention from a specialist?
  • What was the toll on that experience like for your family? 
  • How did you respond (plug for your bakery!)?
  • What surprised you the most about your new-found love for baking?
  • As families enter into the holidays, the dinner table can often be a source of stress if your child has food allergies. What are some tips you have to make it less stressful and more manageable?
  • What’s your best advice to a NICU mom who just learned her child has a food allergy and she’s feeling overwhelmed?

About Vanessa Gonzales Kraft

Vanessa Gonzales Kraft is a mom of six daughters. One daughter has multiple food allergies and Vanessa’s twins were preemies that spent time in the NICU. Because of her daughter’s food allergies she started Que Bueno Bakery, one that is safe for people with food allergies and dietary restrictions, but also delicious because everyone should get to be in on the fun of celebrations!

Connect with Vanessa:

Instagram: @quebuenobakery

Website: quebuenobakery.com

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