Episode 95: Postpartum Depression & Anxiety – One Mom’s Story

February 21, 2024

Guest: Britt Moreno, KXAN Evening Anchor & Mom

Sometimes we are called to share our stories, in a big way. Emmy-award winning journalist Britt Moreno experienced postpartum complications following the birth of her second child. Instead of quietly working through them, she chose to use her platform as an NBC affiliate news anchor to amplify the crisis of postpartum depression and anxiety in the hopes of helping other women through her interviews and in-depth investigations.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How motherhood changes your career
  • PPA symptoms 
  • Asking for help and sharing PPA experience on the evening TV broadcast
  • Barriers to finding help and accessing it
  • Reporting on hospital resources for NICU moms
  • Britt’s encouragement for moms currently experiencing PPD and PPA

Resources mentioned

About the guest

britt moreno, hand to hold nicu babies parent support podcastBritt Moreno is an Emmy award winning news reporter and news anchor and an Emmy nominated host. She anchors the evening news for the NBC affiliate KXAN News in Austin, Texas. Britt is a wife and mother of two. In her spare time, she loves being with her family, works with organizations helping women and children, and emcees charity events for various nonprofits in town.



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