{FB Chat} Ask a NICU Nurse!

August 1, 2014

Our latest Facebook Chat took place on Wednesday, July 30th at 8:30p.m. CT. Our guest was Trish Ringley, NICU nurse, blogger and preemie advocate over at NICU Central. This was a unique chat, where attendees were able to ‘ASK A NICU NURSE’.

ask a nicu nurse

Trish Ringley, RN, is a mother of two and has been a NICU nurse since 1997, practicing in Alaska, Colorado and California. She is a passionate NICU-parent advocate and has recently become active in the online world of NICU parent support. Initially she began blogging about the NICU from a nurse’s perspective at NICU Central, and more recently she created a beautiful online store that is devoted exclusively to serving the needs of NICU families, called EVERYtinyTHING. When she’s not at work at the NICU, you can find her on Facebook, blogging at NICU Central, or most of the time spreading a little joy through her store.

See the entire chat below: